On 1 September 2023, the new Hague Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters will enter into force for the EU Member States. On the occasion of its imminent application and in order to provide an overview of the future possibilities of enforcing judgments outside the EU, the Mehr…


This year’s mini-congress of the German-Spanish Lawyers’ Association took place in Valencia at the beginning of June. The program covered a wide range of topics. Dr Böcker took part on behalf of our law firm and used the opportunity to hold several working meetings with our Spanish partner law firm from Valencia, TOMARIAL Abogados.


Ms. Dumistracel successfully completed her doctoral thesis with the viva at the University of Mainz. The thesis dealt with the minimum requirements for the harmonisation of national regulations at EU level. Congratulations!


At the end of May, the annual conference of the “AEA – Association of European Lawyers”, a large global law firm network of which we are a member, took place in Vienna. This year, the conference focussed on internal law firm topics. Dr. Zinn participated on behalf of our firm. Picture from the Vienna congress Mehr…


To complement our existing international network of lawyers, which has few gaps, in early 2023 the firm joined the Association of European Lawyers (AEA), which, contrary to what the name suggests, started as a European legal network but is now a global network. With 793 offices in 149 countries, it is actually one of the Mehr…