Law Firm

The law firm ZinnBöcker is characterized by a combination of outstanding expertise in business law and a special focus on international matters. The majority of the matters we deal with have an international character, a great of number of which is related to business with Spain and Latin America as well as ­ in the case of Dr. Gotha ­ with Rumania.

Our firm offers clients a highly skilled, greatly motivated and creative team, which is accustomed to reacting quickly and efficiently. We have a lengthy experience in complex transactions as well as day-to-day business and offer individually tailored solutions. Since we run our own business, we know our limits and only accept matters in which ­ concerning the subject as well as human resources ­ we can guarantee the best solution possible.

Dr. Zinn and Dr. Böcker have been working together for more than a decade so far. Before founding ZinnBöcker in 2005, they had already been partners in a similarly working Mannheim-based business law firm. There, they worked for 3 years together with Dr. Gotha, who joined the firm ZinnBöcker as a partner in 2007.