International Relations


The lawyers of ZinnBöcker are renowned for their special competence and experience of many years in the assessment and the completion of international matters.

Due to studies and practical experience abroad and our day-to-day business with international clients, we have a strong foundation in other laws and cultures. We speak the languages of the countries which we deal with. Therefore, we are able to assist foreign enterprises in their activities in the German market and bridge the existing legal, linguistic and cultural gap. Furthermore, this gives us a basis for the intensive assessment of our German clients for their projects and carrying out of their international business. Whenever necessary, we work together with specially skilled colleagues in the corresponding countries.

ZinnBöcker has a strong focus on Spanish law. Other main areas are the law of Mexico, the USA, Romania and France. Due to long-lasting and tested contacts to a series of law firms from the European and American abroad and the network which we have built through our activities in international lawyer’s organizations, we are able to guarantee a thorough assessment of our clients, including the resolution of legal questions according to foreign laws and maintaining our quality standard. We are well acquainted with our partners.