Due to its close ties with Spain, the firm has cooperations for many years with renowned business law firms in the most important Spanish cities, such as e.g. Madrid and Barcelona.

Currently we are proud to have expanded our business in Spain by concluding a formal cooperation agreement with TOMARIAL, S.L.P., one of the top law firms in the Valencia region. Website Tomarial. TOMARIAL specializes in commercial, tax and labor law and is one of the most respected and fastest growing local law firms. The firm currently has 3 partners (Antonio Ballester, Prof. Dr. Tomás Vásquez, Miguel Àngel Molina) and 25 other professionals. It has offices in Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona.

After years of successful cooperation with TOMARIAL in individual projects, we have decided to expand our existing cooperation as, among other reasons, Valencia has become a very attractive destination for German foreign investments due to the support measures of the regional government and due to the current crisis in Catalonia. The now formalized cooperation gives the clients of both law firms access to an expanded network for their business in Spain and Germany.

The firm is also an official cooperation partner of several Universities within the framework of their program for foreign studies, such as the Universities of Valencia, La Rioja and UNAM in Madrid. In this context we regularly offer internships for Spanish students and postgraduates.